Salisbury Historic District Commission 1-2016

Present: Candy Cuniberti, Jane B. Fitting, Digby Brown, Tom Callahan, Elyse Harney and Carol Mason

The meeting was opened with a Minute of Silence to honor our deceased Board member, Arthur Taylor.

It was noted that Lime Rock Park is a distinct Rural Enterprise District and is not part of the Historic District. The Village of Lime Rock was a company town manufacturing iron railroad wheels and is part of the Historic District as well as the National Historic Registry. Dard Hunter also started as an amateur manufacturing paper for stationary in a small shop in Lime Rock.

Discussion of summer reception which will be given in honor of Arthur Taylor this year followed. E. Harney will approach Freya and Richard Block to host the reception at their property in Lime Rock. Proposed dates: June 11th or 18th from 5 until 7 pm. The Bostwick House would be an alternative location. New envelopes are needed for the required mailings.

New Website: Digby Brown confirmed that the cost of new website – ( proposal by Carol Mason of $5,750.) could be paid in two installments by the Town of Salisbury. This would be in addition to the Historic District Budget of $2,000. The commission has spent $1,400 out of the current budget and we have asked for an itemized breakdown of how this was spent. It is also understood that annual fees from the new website are subject to yearly adjustments in cost. Carol Mason will not charge for the first year of maintenance ($600.) The commission has authorized Carol Mason to proceed with the change to Squarespace as the Hosting Website and to proceed with set-up. The new Website will be introduced at the summer reception.

There is no update on the Firehouse and no response from Lou Bakes regarding Dean’s Field. Curtis Rand will remind the Lakeville Beautification Committee of any need for Historic District Commission approvals.

Tom Callahan made the motion to adjourn with Jane B. Fitting as second at 9:35. All in Favor.

The next meeting will be Feb. 2nd at 8:30 am at the Salisbury Town Hall.

Respectfully submitted

Elyse D. Harney