September 4, 2017

Salisbury Historic District Commission Meeting , Salisbury Town Hall 8:30 am

Present: Digby Brown, Tom Callahan, Jane Burgess, Carol Mason, Elyse Harney

Tom Callahan moved the minutes of the Special Meeting held on August 25th 2017 be approved.   D. Brown 2nd all in favor.

Discussion of applicationfor solar panel installation on both the main house and the office at 50 main St. in Salisbury.   Earthlight Solar and Energy submitted the application.     Digby Brown with speak with Earthlight to get clarification and E. Harney will write the owners asking to meet with them at the property.    Since the application was delayed because commission does not meet in August, a special meeting could be scheduled to accommodate the owners.

Commission Mailbox:  D. Brown will get a second key from the Post Office. C Mason will let us know when she is away so that arrangement can be made to pick up mail. 

Commission Email:  names of all commission members will be added to email contact.

Agenda:   T Callahan has offered to send out agenda for upcoming meetings.

Members of commission:  T. Callahan has been in touch with Leon McLain.    Leon has had medical problems but responded to need on solar panel application. Keille Venkiteswaran, new owner of the Demarest House and an architect has expressed interest in joining the commission.    Both T.Callahan and D. Brown have spoken with him.   He has to be a voter in the town of Salisbury. 

Carol Mason will speak with Matt Kiefer about incorporating Town Minutes regarding Historic Properties in the website for the HDC.   Also, when we might expect Historic District Maps. 

Communication with Building Inspector:   How can Inspector be alerted that a Building Permit Application involves an Historic property?    Currently an HD is noted on the Assessor’s Card but Inspector does not check that.    T. Callahan suggested Applications be printed in triplicate so that one may be given directly to B. Inspector.  C Mason with speak with Nancy Brusie explaining problem and investigating a solution.

E. Harney suggested having our Annual gathering at the Library to encourage better attendance. This would be more an informational meeting to encourage new membership.   She will contact Noel Sloan.

T. Callahan made motion to adjourn at 9:30. J. Burgess 2nd all in favor.

Next Meeting will be October 3, 2017 at 8:30 at the Salisbury town Hall.

Respectfully submitted

Elyse Harney Sec.