June 5, 2018

SHDC Meeting Minutes -Tues, June 5, 2018 8:30 am

Present: C. Mason, T. Callahan, D Brown, J. B Fitting, E Harney

Public Hearings:

Certificate of appropriateness for# 2 furnace Rd. 
Install 5 12 over 12 white double hung Marvin integrity insert windows. 
Neal Chamberlain attended meeting and was able to provide a sample of the windows to be inserted.  He explained that the Historic house has marble sills which he did not want to disturb. 
The owners are not able to open the current 196o's triple track storms with any ease. 
After seeing the window sample, Jane B. Fitting made a motion to approve the application; Digby Brown gave a second and all were in favor.
A copy of the approved application was provided to Mr. Chamberlain to convey to the Building Inspector.

Certificate of Appropriateness for# 317 Salmon Kill Road
Construction of two storyFinalizing Historic district Maps for the Town of Salisbury: frame guest house. Architectural Plans provide by Hottenroth+Joseph Architects. Leanne Bridge, Architect was brought in on a conference call. 
The only question was regarding vertical siding which was the choice of the owner. After examination of architectural plans, a motion to approve the plans was made by Carol Mason, second by Digby Brown and all were in favor. 
Digby Brown delivered the approved Certificate of Appropriateness to the Salisbury Building Inspector. Elyse Harney, Sec. will fax a copy of the approval to Leanne Bridge at the firms New York office. Regular Meeting was resumed. Discussion of Commissioners term limits and renewal policy. 

Appointments of commission members should be such that one member retires each year: 
Jane B Fitting 2018
Tom Callahan 2019
Digby Brown 2020
Carol Mason 2021
Elyse Harney 2022
Leon McClain Alternate 2019

Tom Callahan will ask Curtis Rand if it would be possible to have a Sec. for the commission meetings provide by the Town.

Finalization of Maps of Historic district Maps: 
Carol Mason reported that the wording to establish an Ordinance was not appropriate when the two outstanding properties were approved as Historic Houses at the last town Meeting. At the next Town Meeting this will be corrected. Matt Kiefer is making some final adjustments to the maps for the Town. This should be finalized for the June 9, 2019 event.
Carol has created a package for all property owners in the Historic districts which will include a map of the entire Town. These will be available for distribution at the June 9 event.
Final Details for June 9 Event at the Sobel property: E Harney will pick up certificates to be presented and will provide Harney bottled teas. Carol Mason went over her presentation at the event. Parking is to be on the main road not on Sobel property. There being no further business, Tom Callahan made a motion to adjourn, D Brown second and all in favor. Meeting was adjourned at 9:40
The next Meeting with be July 10th because of the July 4th holiday. 
8:30 at Salisbury Town Hall
Respectfully submitted, 
Elyse D Harney, Sec